BitMart launches $50M fund to empower early-stage GameFi projects

Eight years old boy in his home playing videogame

BitMart, a digital asset trading platform, recently established a $50 million GameFi fund to invest and develop projects related to GameFi and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The fund also seeks to develop higher-quality projects in terms of marketing, operations, and trade.

BitMart has increased its daily active users 100x and doubled the number of team members in the last 12 months. The exchange has also launched several offerings in easy-to-use categories, including flexible and fixed savings for cryptocurrency users, and the company has further beefed up its system infrastructure.

GameFi turns in-game props into NFTs, and decentralized finance and liquidity mining into playable games allows for play to earn rewards.  The searches for metaverse and GameFi remain in the spotlight.  GameFi, a gaming model combining NFT and DeFi with liquidity mining, can grow really fast.  BitMart seems very excited about this track and is consistently on the P2E hotlist.

A $50 million fund will help boost existing Metaverse and GameFi tracks and fuel new developments.  The BitMart Exchange is ranking among the top crypto exchanges on CoinGecko.  Distribution channels and digitalization of traditional game publishers will make their efforts for digitilazation.

Content providers will create innovative use cases of blockchain and infrastructure for BitMart.  GameFi gems will be developed and introduced to the public in the greatest possible way.  BitMart has over 800 trading pairs currently, and you pay one of the lowest trading fees in the market.  Moreover, it has over nine million users worldwide. BitMart is a trading platform that allows you to trade anywhere, anytime.

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