Analysis: A Metaverse with Chinese Characteristics is a Clean and Compliant Metaverse

How is China’s metaverse going to evolve? All we know is that it will be clean, censored, and crypto-less. Chinese authorities have already pointed out that their metaverse will be highly regulated. Some Chinese metaverse advocates fear that it will stunt its growth.

From Microsoft to Facebook, big names are leaping to build the next generation of the internet – an immersive virtual experience that replicates the aspects of real life. As compared to the United States and South Korea, China’s efforts in the development of metaverse are lagging, as domestic giants are not investing much.

Products that are leading the industry are banned in China. For example, Meta’s Oculus VR headsets are not available in China, and the development of domestic headsets is slow. This means that China has yet to launch a metaverse platform that will gain decent popularity.

However, interest has surged recently as big names like Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent Holdings Ltd have applied for over 10,000 metaverse-related trademarks. Start-ups are also getting more investments. Experts are of the view that the infancy of this metaverse will allow plenty of room to co-opt the development of this metaverse.

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