More Than Money: GameFi’s Richard Leach talks earning money through blockchain games – Video


Gaming is the only area getting attention in the blockchain space, and the play-to-earn model is forever changing the industry as it integrates gaming and finance. In the latest episode of More Than Money, Patrick Thompson meets Richard Leach, CMO of GameFi AG, which is building an NFT-based gaming ecosystem at BSV. GameFi is part of a fast-growing sector focused on financial gamification. The company wants to create an opportunity to make money doing what they love playing. It creates an ecosystem where members can play various games and own NFTs.

Gaming has traditionally been a field for entertainment, and many consider it pure entertainment. Things have changed with the advent of blockchain technology, and money-making games are quickly gaining popularity. At a minimum, users should earn a few dollars while playing the game. In an interview with CoinGeek, Leach said gaming could be a lucrative profession.

At GameFi, NFTs are at the heart of everything the company does. The first project, available exclusively on the BSV blockchain, is Galactic Mice. This forward-looking NFTS suite will allow owners to participate in all aspects of the company’s play-to-earn ecosystem, with the first game being Cyber ​​Fights. Inspired by the hugely successful CryptoFights, Leach believes that the success of any blockchain game lies in storing on-chain everything that can only do in a scalable Bitcoin SV.

Leach believes that Play-to-earn gaming is the future. GameFi customers will have the opportunity to make money and grow while playing. Still, Leach believes the company will do more for the industry, bringing new users to the scene. Leach also added that NFTs will become a mundane event that we use daily without realizing it. The use case becomes much more mundane but increases usability.

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