Lil Yachty Files Suit Accusing NFT Seller of ‘Maliciously’ Using His Likeness to Raise Millions


Lil Yachty of Giunta Invision filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Opulous, claiming it was a scam to sell his name. Opulous invested five million dollars in venture capital funds.

Miles Parks McCollum only had two exploratory conference calls with the Singapore-based company in May 2021, including Opulous. He says there was no agreement or a deal and that he never saw a dime of the money raised.

Opulous Parsons was tasked with establishing a joint venture with a licensed artist to raise a large amount of venture capital funds. Nobody paid anything to the plaintiff. Opulous purports to sell musicians’ copyrights to the public using NFTs as the means of transfer.

The hypothesis is that they offer ownership interest in any musician’s copyrighted work. Parsons did not respond immediately to Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone was awarded the title Best of Best of the Year.

Rolling Stone won the award for its work on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The judge said the defendant’s acts of unfair competition and false advertising have caused and continue to cause significant and irreparable injury and pain.

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