Times Capital Shares LANDs in the Sandbox With ‘AOTAVERSE’ NFT for Future Game-Fi Development

Times Capital has announced a strategic partnership with an upcoming NFT project named “AOTAVERSE.” Times Capital will share Sandbox LAND for AOTAVERSE to build community and help Gamefi’s future development. AOTAVERSE was started by Orienta Lab, an Asian 3D modeling studio. LAND is a digital real estate in the Sandbox where game designers can create and populate unique digital objects.

The hype for the Metaverse has increased since last year as NFT projects thrive and celebrities enter the market. Most people are familiar with monkey and pixel art. However, 3D NFT projects could be the next trend in the Metaverse. One of them was AOTAVERSE, which announced collaborations with celebrities in the field.

Times Capital has partnered with game studios and creators to build an immersive Hong Kong Intellectual Property Museum. Additionally, it incorporated a metropolis gaming experience based on its intellectual property portfolio of over 150 classic films. LAND Times Capital is home to one of The Sandbox’s most extensive NFT galleries.

Through this collaboration, AOTAVERSE wants to show users the potential of Metaverse. Shortly, users will be able to control their AOTA armor in their games and other metaverses like Sandbox. AOTAVERSE is one of the few NFT projects that has already proven useful even before launch.

According to the AOTAVERSE roadmap, it will offer its own $AOTA utility token, marketplace, NFT staking. The game is to be released in Q4 2022.

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