Affyn Raises Close to USD 20m, Rewriting the Model For Metaverse GameFi With The Launch of Nexus

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Affyn wins close to US$ 20 million by rewriting the model for Metaverse GameFi with the launch of Nexus. The group behind the upcoming new Metaverse world Nexus has seen significant success in its private and presale financing.

The deadline was December 2021 and January 2022 for the Nexus World team since they have the money to launch the Metaphor. In December, around 50 venture capital firms institutional and private investors raised over USD 7 million.

From presale open, we could have a 4 million out of 5700 in 60 hours. Metaverse Gaming, Affyn today combined classic Metaverse gameplay with augmented reality.

The platform uses blockchain technology to reward its users with a game-to-win model. The character Buddy will be on sale soon by Affyn. They can only be purchased with a native FYN token.

Unique NFT tokens represent characters. Affyn’s play to earn metaverse is the first of its kind to create a realistic experience with digital avatars, NFT’s and assets.

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