Digital Entertainment Asset to Introduce Manga Artists Fujiwara’s NFT Collection “The Land”

A digital entity in Singapore is bringing the land an NFT collection by legendary manga artist Fujiwara Kamui. Next spring, 2022, DEA PlayMining will introduce the land.

DEA owns the fastest-growing NFT on the GameFi space and is not a rookie in crypto. PlayMining is powered by DEAcoin, which is the native token of Metaverse.

It has more than three million users in South East Asia, Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. DEA was founded in 2018, and DEAcoin was registered in 2020.

They also made a Trading Card game called JobTribes, the first game of DEA. The NFT system is part of the Fujiwara Kamui Nation Metaverse project.

It calls it the Genesis of the Earth, a world where gods and goddesses coexist with humans. The sale of the land NFT is a big step in DEA’s vision of protecting the rights and sharing the benefits of creators.

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