Microsoft Bid to Purchase Activision-Blizzard Is Less About the Metaverse and More About Marketing – InsideSources

Many rumours are spreading that Microsoft is trying to acquire Metaverse. An excellent Netflix gaming show will emulate the old fashioned linear media model.

Aaron Carroll: Microsoft has been building its back catalogue of games and a pipeline of new games. He says it is similar to Disney buying Marvel and Lucasfilm, which had a cult following for decades. The company has plenty of room for growth, similar to how Disney had Star Wars MCU and Marvel MCU to be more significant.

Streaming games are not a good idea right now. A third party ISP must provide a quality connection for streaming. Netflix has fought with ISPs to get bandwidth without paying for priority network access. Downloading games to the consumer before playing games will eliminate this problem. Video games, unlike movies, can be saved because the player can keep their place and accomplishments.

It is common to purchase a game to retain access to a character created by a player but never play the Game again. There is nothing similar to buying a movie from Netflix when you play a video game.

Apple has a provision that would prevent Microsoft from selling games on the iPhone. Some think Microsoft will make most games exclusive to XBOX to boost sales. The lesson from history is that Microsoft makes money from selling software, not hardware.

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