NZ musician shocked to find his album art being sold as an NFT on US website without permission


Jacob Park, from leaping Tiger, said that he found his face on artwork sold as an NFT along with other artists on a US website. Park is just one of the thousands of musicians out there whose artworks have been turned into NFTs and viewed on television.

Park says he was turned into an NFT without his consent. He says the ones that made the NFTs came from Spotify. People are claiming that they are very popular.

The artist was meant to sell the image themselves, not some random on the internet, Park said. An album he created in 2019 was actually converted to an NFT.

All musicians will receive compensation when digital goods are sold on the website. You are buying a licensed copy of the CD with the image on the front. Any token made by someone who did not own the image would be of dubious value. If a company sells NFTs, it must possess the source code and copyright to sell the tokens.

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