DCD Launches a Decentralized Solution for GameFi Developers

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The decentralized card deck protocol is simple to use, very fast and utilizes programming languages common in games. The protocol is for all participants in GameFi, developers, game operators, affiliates, and players.

A large team of developers and partners develop DCDC that are adaptable to suit all tastes in the market. InferMedica raises $30 million Series B funding from one peak to expand AI-based medical guidance platform transactions.

The DCD ecosystem includes a launchpad for IGOs, a staking system, dex for tokens in-game items, and a voting system. The system will allow the creation of honest decentralized games.

The use of NFTs will increase profitability and bootstrap user engagement. The use of a multipurpose system is useful in speeding up the development of games. Also useful in developing the DCD ecosystem.

D4t4 Solutions hires key talent to accelerate Celebrus products. Bill Bruno has been named as the company’s new chief executive officer. The company is looking to hire a number of key people to accelerate the product development process.

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