Meta exec pitches metaverse business to advertisers


Facebook changed its name to Meta in October to reflect its new bet on the Metaverse. The futuristic idea of the world’s largest social network will open up more opportunities.

A 3D printed version will be available to the public. The conference will include a fireside talk with Neal Stephenson, the science fiction writer behind Snow Crash.

Stephenson is speaking simultaneously as Unilever’s VP Marketing and the VP of Global Media Investment. Meta bets the Metaverse will be the future of mobile internet and has invested in VR and AR. The company has not provided many details on how brands will monetize in the Metaverse.

Elizabeth Culliford: advertisers need to try out metaverse future. She says everything you’re doing now across our apps will benefit you. Cullford: ad networks need to be more open about what they can do.

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