Gusto Collective to auction data driven NFT artwork created by virtual human


Generative artwork by virtual human named Mono was auctioned online. Data-driven artwork is generative but also data-driven by NFT. Online bidding uses an algorithm that will generate more creative content.

People can watch live on the Phillips website. Generative art will be based on live and real-time data that is collected during an online auction. MonoC can generate that information on a computer; how each lot will be sold during the auction would be the whole process.

MonoC teamed up with Terrence Ma, creator of HKS. The project has grown organically in the metaverse from the heart of all we do at Gusto Collective. Aaron Lau, founder and CEO, is excited to see what her new combination of creative thinking and tech will bring to the table.

An NFT aims to be the primary player in the AR metaverse and NFT space. It was created out of auctions first, and we are excited to offer it.

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