Infinity Ventures Crypto Announces Close of Its First Fund at $70 …


Infinity ventures cryptography (iv) has closed its inaugural fund with a cap of $70 million. Investment in ‘GameFi’, ‘DeFi’ and ‘Web 3’ aims to generate and accelerate the Metaverse growth. IVC is Asia’s best fund targeting the crypto industry.

IVC has invested in 78 companies since it was founded in August 2021. The big names include Circle, Digital Currency Group, and Animo. They have had traditional venture capital with sister funds in the last 13 years. Headline Asia uses its global network to empower blockchain startups around the world.

By supporting its founders full time, from tokenomics to cryptocurrency exchange listings. They employ local experts to create a bridge between the East and the West by putting boots on a ground approach. IVC and YGG joined forces to construct and incubate their first subDAO.

YGG gives players money during the pandemic with IVC’s vision to help the unbanked. They have been investing in crypto since 2015 and have helped companies navigate this ever-changing landscape.

They have helped startups navigate the ever-changing crypto landscape – and are now investing in cryptocurrencies. They have invested heavily in various startups since august 2021 Yield Guild Games and the Jpeg Yen Stablecoin.

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