EXPLAINER GUIDE [GameFi] How To Buy Your First Axie Character on Axie Infinity


Axie Infinity, Cryptokits Wonderland, and Axe Infinity are great games where you earn rich every day. GameFi project is based on a blockchain, allowing players to have verifiable ownership of virtual items in the game.

Ronin is a sidechain that runs on Ethereum. You can access it with the Ronin wallet. Ether would have to go to the blockchain, so you can’t use ether. Create an account on the axe infinity marketplace after having your ronin wallet.

You can click on login to the Nronin wallet, but you should always ask for your email and physical address. Once you log in, you can have your Axie dashboard that shows everything you own. Look in the Marketplace menu at the top of the screen.

In the marketplace, purchase Axes, the creatures of the game. Go out and get an axe. Now it costs around $30. Axes come in a variety of categories and qualities to purchase. Go to this location to obtain your first axe. After you buy, it is time to release them in Lunacia, the axe Infinity World. Get ready to play, and earn some money.

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