NFTs Give Fast Food Fans a Share of This Chicken Chain’s Growth


Chickncone is relying on digital for its growth. It sees nonfungible tokens as a way for the public to share in its growth. NFT’s can be found in many fields like art, video games, fashion and so on, and they can also be used in different ways. 

NFTs can be certificates of authenticity for any unique object for a work of art. They are now being used for would-be investors to own a part of a restaurant business. In short, a shareholding is a new form of ownership.

A chick’ncoin will cost you $14,500, but you can also purchase it as cryptocurrency using Ethereum. Each token is associated with the particular area in the USA where the chain operates. Every new restaurant in the area should receive half of the franchise fee. This fee is 45,000, which is $22,500 in windfall

Each item they sell in the local area receives a 2% royalty. The locations of each NFT are randomly assigned. Memes holders can resell them on the internet. The chain is in the Miami area, has 24 locations in the United States, Canada, and most importantly, Canada has 58 new locations in the works.

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