DEAPcoin, The Native Token of the Digital Entertainment Asset


DEA’s native Deapcoin ticker code is the native token of the DEA ecosystem. A reward program for playing and raising money and an NFT Marketplace are also listed on the gate.

People vote on tokens they want to be listed in the community. Io is one of the top 10 best exchanges, with a trading volume of more than $3 billion in 24 hours. The start date for listing is the 18th of February. In-game NFTs account for 20% of NFT trading.

The latest funding announcement came in the wake of DEA, the Singapore-based blockchain company. Io Gate is one of the top crypto exchanges in China. It features efficient trading, instant deposit and withdrawal services with cutting edge technology.

Io is one of the top ten crypto exchanges. Trading volumes are up to 3 billion per day. DEAPcoin is a utility token distributed on PlayMining by DEA.

PlayMining is the leading Gamefi market globally, with the first token distributed in Japan. DEA GameFi platform business was established in Singapore in august 2018. We will create a world where people can create value and have fun using blockchain technology.

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