Green Star Explores New Format of GameFi Value Model


The green star is the first GameFi NFT Green Parallel Universe in SoftBank’s Parallel Universe Plan. Virtual reality transforms the world’s environment. Eventually, it includes plants trees in the desert. 

For the upcoming version 1, Green Star is not a game but a plant a tree. It is hoped that an ecosystem will be established to foster community development and games. The infrastructure creates DEF applications for economics through farming, planting, and production. 

It’s going to be Technical Iteration 3 and so forth. Play to earn, with its ecosystem of income aggregators, liquidity mining, NFTs, DeFi, and Games will not only succeed. Smart farm game provides a virtual financial scene in a parallel universe that includes blockchain technology. 

Green star 3 blends virtual and reality very well. Green star maintains the asset value for ecological developers. They have products for real estate, virtual reality, medicine, games, urban planning, and so much more. The company name is Chinese Instrument and Control Society. The contact person is WSS Project Team.

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