With $1 Billion Spent In Blockchain Gaming In January, GameFi Is Thriving


Blockchain games received over a billion dollars in funding in January, which is 243 per cent more than the blockchain gaming giant Axie Infinity. Jewellery also holds 775 million in TVL, 60 per cent of the total value on Harmony. 

There are over 100,000 daily unique active wallets and a slight increase in the number of UAWs. There are eight active players daily playing the game each day. ‘Blockchain Games’ received $1 billion in funding,’ DapRaddar said in a report. 

Blockchain games got over $1 billion in funding, according to a report from DappRadar . in 2022, they would make up 52 per cent of blockchain activity. Defi kingdom is one of the most recognizable names in the field. The game has generated more than $1: five billion transactions and 244 per cent more than Axie Infinity. 

Jewel also owns $775M in TVL. Despite the market crash and the price analysis for Vechain, investors appear aggressive. There is a 5 per cent increase in unique active wallets in January versus December 2021. 

the game creator, UAWSky Mavis, says two new packs are in the works. Axie infinity has over 100,000 daily active wallets.

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