Recent “phishing attack” drops OpenSea numbers


NFTs trading activity on the open sea was down by 37% to approximately 660 million. This appears to be the result of the recent heist on the platform. Users lost around $3 million worth of NFTs. 

Fewer than 17 users were victims of the hack, with a loss valued at $1. Seven million people were affected by the hack. The quick situation report revealed that a total of $17 million was lost. One of the victims who lost a Bored Ape has filed a lawsuit against OpenSea. 

He accuses Opensea of not agreeing with the data from DappRadar. Recent attacks have little to no effect on trades and user activity on OpenSea. The platform saw trading volume drop by 65%, while block today had trading activities. 

Mintable is an NFT marketplace and has recovered three stolen Azuki NFTs. Mintable said it was purchasing NFTs to sell on its platform. Each of them wants to return the possessions to their previous holders. Mintable says it is investigating the thefts.

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