Unite Finance to Bring Liquidity to Harmony $ONE Ecosystem with its Algocoin + Gamefi P2E! | Bitcoinist.com

Unite Finance

Unite Finance, or the Algo will function as a mirror pegged asset, merely like ONE, and bring liquidity to Harmony. There are many DeFi projects, and some stand out. It is united Finance on the Harmony blockchain; it has very high growth. 

The price of UNITE tokens is over, but there will be new tokens available. If the price falls below the peg, investors buy UNITE to buy UNOND. The team unites beginning to gamify their DeFi project making it more engaging. 

The 2B in the TVL in the Harmony Ecosystem is a sign that GameFi is well regarded in the chain. Unite is moving to a DAO-based governance system. It is the first actual community-run project with democratized decision making. 

The project lead developer has complied with KYC and disclosed their identity to the interface network. The contract has also been audited. Check out Unite Finance’s social media accounts for more information.

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