From offering cryptocurrency to NFT, 5 ways tech is being used to help Ukraine against Russia


People worldwide are using technology to help Ukraine in its war against Russia; from providing spare rooms to donating cryptocurrency, tech companies have been able to raise funds following the invasion of Russia last week. The refugee agency estimates that over half a million people flee. 

Stanislav Sabanov, 37, usually runs a relocation service for ex-pats. Hundreds of people have reached out since the invasion. Poznan 700 member group kejterski patrol was able to help to flee people. The ministry of digital transformation says it will destroy as many Russian soldiers as possible. 

Crypto donations to Ukrainian volunteer and hacking groups have also spiked since the attack. Charities like Save the Children and Mercy Corps also allow donations to support relief efforts. Net freedoms publish a series of tips to help people affected by an internet outage communicate with loved ones and keep informed. 

Tips include deleting apps that get traffic to the internet disconnect unnecessary innovation from the wifi so you don’t run out . companies have also announced the use of technology in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The face swap app, Reface, send push notifications about the invasion to its users. Russian state media were barred from running ads or monetizing anywhere on its platform. Google has attempted a similar move and disabled some Google maps tools.

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