Hiro Capital launches $340M fund for games and metaverse


Obtain a spot at GamesBeat Summit 2022, the largest event in gaming metaverse returns to the USA on April 26 and 28. A second fund for games has been announced. The fund is for backing new gaming and metaverse-based ventures. 

This is the second fund that Hiro has launched in three years. It is worth €300 million, which is approximately $340 million. The predecessor, Hiro capital 1, launched in 2019, with €115 million. 

Hiro says his newest fund will invest in early-stage games and metaverse innovators. The first fund was named Hiro and received 21 investments. Hiro capital will invest in teams in Europe, the UK, and North America.

Luke Alvarez says 2022 is an early age for the metaverse. He says we have experience and network to support amazing talent in Europe and the UK. We have a new fund that gives us more firepower to find and develop emerging stars. 

The date and location are GamesBeat Summit 2022, which you can register today. In the previous year, Hiro Capital 1 became the lead fund.

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