Trump NFTs: Parler Offer Rare Collection of CryptoTRUMPs


Parler has launched a new social media platform called free speech, It reinvents the space of NFTs tokens.  This is happening through Deep Red Sky’s NFT platform. The official CryptoTRUMP Club will have the 45th president of the united states. 

This reissue of DeepRedSky by Donald Trump contains 250 rare NFTs.  The show will showcase images of former presidents in various settings. 

Trump and the CryptoTRUMP Club

The club CryptoTRUMP DeepRedSky has already completed a large number of projects with big names.  The next step in our quest is to be the best on Web 3.0.  Parler is launching its first NFT marketplace as promised.

Ethos Parler believes they have a large vision to make freedom of expression, security, and privacy a reality.  More than 16 million people use parler for it to protect themselves and others from big tech and big government. 

What John Avalon says?

John Avalon: constitution allows people to speak freely without fear of being suspended or banned.  He says parler is the town hall.  All are welcome at it.  we are all in agreement about the impracticality of censorship.  Do you have any thoughts on Trump? Let us know your thoughts, comment, or join the conversation via telegram.

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