HTC VIVE Unveils VIVERSE, Advancements in 5G and Location


The leading Virtual Reality platform and ecosystem, HTC VIVE a place in the metaverse, revealed several innovations at Mobile World Congress 2022.  HTC Vive has added new features to give you the best possible experience on the Viverse.  

Entering the VIVERSE

VIVE Browser is a new VR-based web browser. HTC’s virtual and AR technology makes it seamless and at your fingertips.  The company also introduced VIVE Guardian, a tool that gives parents, guardians, and teachers control over what kids can see and do in VR.

Our brand, VIVE, means life.  The verse means life chapter. HTC and Horde are working together to bring VR entertainment to car passengers. This is due to Horide technology, which allows VR content to be displayed with live motion, position, and navigation from the vehicle.  

HTC’s lightweight and compact VR glasses are ideal for entertaining passengers on their journeys. ‘Playing Together in VR show HTCVie, as well as the latest of Location Based Entertainment LBE from Y. 

HTC VIVE is the leading Virtual Reality platform and ecosystem.  It creates real-life VR experiences for businesses and consumers. VIVE includes the leading VIVE hardware as well as the VIVEPORT platform and app store.  If you need more information then watch out for VIVE Enterprise Solutions for business customers.

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