Metasens’ Utility Token MSU Makes Its Global Debut on AAX Crypto


MetaSens Utility Token made its global debut on the AAX Crypto Exchange.  Metasens native token has a supply limit of 500,000,000 in the GameFi project.  MSU traders can get limited-time deals like an APY as much as 20% off of savings.

You can use and trade MiSus without charge in Metasens Universe or any of MetaSens Blockchain games.  the higher a player is in the games, the more MSUs they could claim.  Users who hold MSU become part of the decision-making and governance of Metasenses.

AAX will play an active role in the upcoming future of blockchain games.  Animos: Metasens is doing well since its launch four months ago.  They are thinking about MSU and also having it listed on a dozen crypto exchanges in the next year. 

AAX wants to be a proactive part of the GameFi ecosystem by collaborating with good projects.  Metasensis is a metaverse project rolled out by Imperium Technology Group 07.  It’s the fourth quarter of 2021.

 MetaSens combines traditional games and blockchain to lower the entry barrier for the public.  AAX is a 100 country exchange used by more than two million people.  it is also the first exchange to use the Satoshi Standard.

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