Best Play-To-Earn Blockchain-Based Games


The biggest expansion of blockchain in gaming is Play ‘Earn’ which means that they earn digital assets that they can trade or sell on major markets.  The top titles are Job Tribes and Lucky Farmer and they use tokens where players can earn DEAP coins and buy NFT points. 

DEA has invested in Games

DEA is becoming more attractive with its recent investment of 12 million USD. DEA is the pioneer in a game that makes question the future of sports into GameFit.  Users can collect, trade, buy and sell drone NFTs Each of the 10,000 unique drones.

Battle Drones is a fusion of Call of Duty Zombies and Boxhead 2 Play. Motown has a great relationship and back record with Bybit.  Syn City plans to build a virtual headquarters in the MOBLAND metaverse

 The mafia game Mob Land boasts of money and a community of nearly 500,000 players. Users can play for money and have digital assets they can sell or trade on the in-game marketplace.  WonderHero recently released ten gaming guilds, increasing the number of guilds to more than 2,300.  

Guilds represent many players because they manage all of their assets, lend out to scholars, and get monthly reports. WonderHero is a P2E game with a good ecosystem and fun.  It lets you own real shares of virtual teams and earn commissions just for performing. XAYA soccer manager elite is the future of soccer management and all players are competing for the best club in the world and winning the global league.

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