Opdex Launches Stratis AMM DEX to Support GameFi Ecosystem


It is a native Stratis blockchain based on C# and offers a lot of good developer tools to support the gamefi ecosystem.  Users can also mine for rewards in ODX the native governance token. The governance for ODX DAO will be under a dedicated vault contract.  

Custom market creators may set their own trading fees and creator fees.  The NFT Framework for Smart Contracts is particularly useful for gaming and existing Web2 projects. 

Stratis allows game developers to use the very inexpensive DeFi platform and be real GameFi.  Integration with Interlux Bridge gives you a full choice of tokens for payment. 

Stratis is the only blockchain platform that offers Microsoft solutions utilizing the blockchain.  Their native C# ecosystem enables businesses to utilize their existing IT infrastructure.  

They also receive mentoring and connections. The NET Core Framework Stratis Identity provides decentralized KYC and AML checks to make it easier for businesses to verify client identities.  

The STO platform is a regulatory compliant digital securities product for businesses launching STOs. Many features are launched for the NFT  metaverse.

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