The First Crypto & NFT-based Horseracing Club


The next stage of The Sport of Kings Crypto Race takes place in 2022.  Horses as an NFT will be trained in prestigious stables, such as Paul and Oliver Cole’s.  The sport of kings crypto race will take place in London from January 2022 to October 1, 2020.

It is possible to make one simple payment in cryptocurrencies to cover all purchases and fees.  Every stake is trading NFT.  At the end of the season, a holder gets the money they like towards a horse for the winning as well as the sale price.  

The full terms and conditions are available on crypto racing allows people to get as little as 1% participation in a syndicate.  It’s a world first on the concept of NFTs, says the creative force behind the project.

The Great Game is expected to bring in a new generation of horses and racehorses to the game.  Most horses in the club have crypto names such as Mr. Ethereum and Mr. Bitcoin.  

Crypto Racing Club offers NFTs that are different than conventional NFTs. CRC manufactures their NFTs in Ethereum and sells them on the open sea NFT marketplace, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Instagram, and YouTube.  CRC also sells their nfts on emerald waters.

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