AI-Powered GameFi Mirror World Closed $4M Seed Funding


In record time, mirror world closed four million seed funding.  It is a game-if builder that has multigame NFT interoperability.  The project is an AI-powered project. A new game will combine GameFi, a global tech pioneer, with decentralized virtual carnivals.  

Mirrorworld Project

The yCombinator is incubated and has virtual life forms that are powered by artificial intelligence on each of the games, Mirror World.  The mirror world is going to release a standard economic framework for more game producers to connect with us. 

Mirrorworld launched its first interactive NFT mirror NFT in 2021.  The first incubated RC project uses its AI model on more web 3 communities.  Players can play mirror world with mirror network and have a wide range of game experiences. 

Mirror world and Republic Crypto are working to make tokens and DAOs that are fun to play.  It would be good for an open-framed economic system to incentivize and support more game studios.  

Mirror world will be open, autonomous, self-supporting, asset interchangeable, and everything under a shared token system. Mirrorworld started to see how isolated, centralized GameFi projects fail to use AI.  Members made things around AI-powered virtual lives.  Make a Nintendo of Web 3 using Artificial intelligence and Crypto.

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