ONXRP.com Announces Innovative Improvements to its NFT


The name of the program is ONXRP.  Com announced exciting improvements to its NFT Marketplace.  The integration tools have been designed to improve both security and functionality within the ecosystem. 

 Addition to IT-Tech 

A good technology content platform for XRP, Ledger, and Pastel Network. The Pastel Network is a network NFT scanner that detects duplicates and scammers.  Paul Begala’s product allows the rareness check and detection checks. He says the product guarantees that exclusive NFT releases are not being copied or fraudulently sold.

A Sense app provides a relative rarity score. It also measures the rarity of an NFT.  Patel network is the first to have its own decentralized, fully integrated storage layer based on advanced technologies like Raptorq and Kademl.  The new partnership was with Kaj Leroy, the CEO of ONXRP.

ONXRP is a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, and other community services.  Pastelseal network co-founder Anthony Georges is thrilled to be working with XRP.  

XRP will be one of the most requested and revolutionary tools available right now. Pastel is a world top NFT protocol.  Developers can develop third-party applications on their networks.  Cascade allows you to store the data on any native L1 or L2.

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