Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Could Soon Be Coming To The Metaverse


The media reports that Rihanna is planning a Metaverse for her Fenty beauty brand.  She filed for a trademark to sell virtual cosmetics and hair care products.  Rihanna has acquired a new trademark.

Wanna Meet Rihanna?

Rihanna is coming to a virtual world near you.  It includes a retail store offering a variety of online and virtual services.  Several big brands have signaled they intend to build their brand in the Metaverse

Nike is submitting a UAW application with UAW in November 2021.  Adidas (otc addyy) released an NFT collection, entitled into the Metaverse, that sold out and5 million.  There is a lot of demand for virtual presence that goes beyond the retail store.

The lounge is called onyx and relies on Ethereum based services.  It is based on blockchain-based virtual world decentral and crypto mana.  The bank is the biggest bank on the wall-street. Ethereum was trading at 2764, which was up 5 % in the last 24hrs, 51%. 

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