Dúté Island – World’s First Asset-Backed NFT Marketplace For GEM


The total value of the global gem and jewelry industry is $85.2 billion.  Momentro and R factory is the first asset-backed NFT marketplace for the gem and mining industry. The first gem and miner registry in the world is a partnership between Momentro and R factory.  

Momentro and R factory First Miner project

The project is using blockchain for provenance and security, and the web system algorithms to digital certify precious stones. The web is a platform economy with more interaction. 

 It would quickly change the distrustful environment in the industry and open doors to the new possibilities of today’s tokenized online economy.  The web one was a thing back in the day that saw the information economy where users read online information. 

DTÉ Island is the first NFT marketplace for the mining and gem industries.  It uses asset-backed NFT and the traditional stock market principles with a blockchain.  The platform will have an easy-to-use frontend web interface and will not require any knowledge to access it.

 DTÉ Island is the base of a gem and mining business. The trust and authenticity which is behind everything are unmatched.  Momentro is working with the r factory on the latest blockchain technologies.

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