NFT Game Cross the Ages Raises $12 Million in Round Backed


Cross the ages has just announced the introduction of an NFT seed round of $12 million.  The seed round is expected to be completed by the end of January.  It will be funded by a combination of seed and cash injections.  

Cnn. Com’s john Sutter says the company has a great deal to offer. Cross the age is a digital card game of sci-fi fantasy inspired by the free book series of the same name.  It has been supported by the polygon network of layer 2 solutions, and sean beeget is the co-founder of the decentralized metaverse game.

 Cross the age is a thrilling entertainment format that which players can play and own books, trading cards, and other kinds of physical items.  Developers plan to introduce different decentralized financial elements into the game soon after, such as yield farming to earn rewards. 

 The game will be released in a beta version in late May and a digital and physical card in July. Ubisoft is the largest publisher of traditional video games.  Now, he is interested in buying into cross the ages.  He says he wants to buy into a crypto gaming company.  

The company is one of the biggest in the crypto gaming space. Last October, UbiSoft also invested in animoca brands.  Cross the age plan adds metaverse elements to the game by 2023.  Developers and artists can create new cities and games.

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