The Age Of The Metaverse Is Not Here Yet, Says Forrester


Report: it is not officially the age of metaverse, despite interest from around the globe.  34 of us are excited about the virtual world; 76 of us B2C marketing executives plan to invest in it. 

Forrester is predicting that the metaverse will grow over the next decade, at least in stages. It must support an interoperable and interlinked environment across devices, phones, virtual reality headsets, and other ‘unconceived’ things.

Forrester: companies and tech leaders should start thinking about the metaverse.  Other requirements include legal, privacy and code of conduct, and compelling UX design.  A virtual world is a place where people can make their own decisions, for example. 

Only 14% of online adults believe brands should provide branded experiences in the metaverse.  CIOS and CTOS should create a strategy to assess, manage and prioritize key technologies. 

58% of business and tech professionals with knowledge of virtual worlds say they are going to adopt metaverse or virtual.  Forrester’s official blog provides useful information on the metaverse.

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