Invest in GameFi and Metaverse Tokens with Phemex


Tokens allow developers to maintain control over their gamefi products.  Metaverse has also grown in popularity thanks to blockchain technology.  You can trade Metaverse gamefi tokens on Phemex. 

Players earn GALA tokens for winning missions and completing milestones.  A LOKA token can be staked and the money could be mint to receive rewards.  Gala Games is planning to launch its own network called galachain. 

 This has had problems in the past with high transaction fees and network congestion. LOKA is a great game for active gamers and also for people who want to be passive.  Players can acquire land and use their resources to mint nfts, which can be used for further transactions. 

 It is an environment PvE, one on one player vs. One-off player. The only supply of ten billion tokens for tlmverasity aims to liberate creators.  A 3D tactical RPG built on blockchain, Voxies VOXEL.  

Players can purchase weapons and armor with Voxel tokens. Aavegotchi is a game created for collectibles and was inspired by Tamagotchi.  The GHST is the primary utility token of the Avatchi ecosystem.  It buys and sells things in the game world and can be staked for additional rewards.

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