Shiba Inu Releases Metaverse Project Details


The creators of the popular cryptocurrency have shared some details of the SHIB: The Metaverse.  There are nearly one lakh plots, some will remain private and others will be for parking, roads, and parks, commercial and social hubs. 

The blog post says you’re the last one to contact, before going on the first phase.  Shibu, the Metaverse, and its plots are 100,595.  Each story has an explanation of how to enter into the intense Shinba world. 

There are key places for travel in the metaverse, and they will remain private.  They are roads, corridors, avenues, boulevards, and hubs, and public ones are also sold here.  The development continues, and plots will be released with aspects they think are secure. 

Developers decided to price their land using Ethereum.  They did not want to sell more Shib tokens than they have to.  Instead, use Ethereum for transactions in their metaverse. 

Some users criticized SHIB for its role in the metaverse.  A user said that one hundred thousand plots get renamed and will be lucky to burn one billion shib.

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