Trust In Finance System Undergoing Big Shift, Says Crypto Co-Founder


Eyes and NFS NFTs have taken off since the hard period, the cryptocurrency winter of 2019.  Lubin the shift from centralized to decentralized systems is one of the deepest paradigm shifts that humanity has experienced or is going through.

The concept of tokenization is a new technology that Ethereum enabled. Decentralized finance is a protocol for a lender’s loan and a borrower’s.  The speed of permissionless innovation in the DeFi space is amazing.

A fifth of our largest bank deposit is in the Commonwealth Bank. Bitcoin appears to have been born of the global financial crisis.  There is a lot of talk about inflation and how it could cut government debt.  Ethereum and bitcoin inform us that they are a hedge against inflation.

We are seeing the end of trust in the current systems that are centralized. Does digital cash compete with fiat currency? Does the new form of money affect your system? Is it good that fraud is in the decentralized protocol ecosystem?

If you want to be competitive you should invite businesses to your network. Ethereum is more secure, more robust, and expensive.  A lot of energy goes into the network.  We are replacing the consumable proof of work system with the new 99.

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