Making The Blockchain GameFi Industry More Accessible To New Players


CM is blockchain gaming or GameFI.  It has a market cap of 50 billion, which is more than 10,000% an increase in the past two years.  The game is mostly earned games in which you collect assets, improve your character, move up levels and build on virtual land.

Play-to-Earn Gaming Issues

There are some issues with P2E games and a few projects to resolve them.  Axie infinity requires players to have at least three axes or NFT pieces to start playing.  It is slowing down the project and even the industry because they limit how many people can play a game.

There is an increasing number of games that do not provide much entertainment for gamers.  Many games are very simple and repetitive, and many do not have any lore at all.  Players can obtain a great account by playing by playing a variety of games.

Blockchain games focus more on the earnings part and almost forget that gaming should be fun and entertaining.  The sandbox, attack wagon, and gala are some of the projects offering more than a play-to-earn game.

The GameFi industry requires continuity as well, and this helps make gamers stick around.  Creating a viable gaming development studio with related games is necessary.  Liberty Gaming Guild is a leading project offering users a continued storyline on new games after initial title releases.

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