Xmonkey is Making Cryptocurrency Gaming Fairer with Innovative GameFi 2.0


Xmonkey is working to make P2E gamefi fairer, so all participants get their money’s worth.  The XMF token is the base token for all its development projects. There are 0 supplies total with 00 UTC.

The number is eight million.  There is no black-box buying or selling, additional minting, or hidden tokens.  Individuals can purchase or sell anywhere and transactions happen to depend on the need.

A game creation mode is a player to player with developers acting like maintainers of the rules.  The player is responsible for guiding the change in the game framework.  Xmonkey is a multiplayer game created by a team of developers.

Xmonkey is an offshore cryptocurrency company.  Any work done by the company is supervised and backed by an official entity for transparency.  Xmonkey believes in fair play and fair game fee structures being the life cycle of the token ecosystem.

Xmonkey’s CEO Marco Huang helped design many famous games characters and scenes.  The new approach is innovative.  Xmonkey will never give up making a circular economy.

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