The GameFi Ecosystem GamesPad Is Introducing The New NFT Marketplace


Gamespad is the world’s first holistic gamefi project, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem.  Some NFT projects have had a market capitalization increase of over 2000% in the first quarter of 2022.

The entire market grew by 300% in one year. Gamespad is releasing a platform to help projects, investors and communities get nft trading done.  The Gamespad NFT Collection will be available to buy and sell on the company’s native NFT marketplace.

Markets generate nfts using smart contracts and add unique information to each token.  You are able to buy and sell non-fungible tokens at a fixed price on the platform.  To store NFT and Cryptos, the user must register and create a personal digital wallet.

Gamespad nfts are taken from the best-applied uses in the industry and mixed together.  Gamers need to have a gamepad NFT and the right amount of GMPD tokens to access deals on the gamepad.  Two access options.

One for the investor and the other for Gamespad N. 5 different levels, with the minimum token requirements to be activated for each level.  The bot is valued at 4000 BOT nfts and is priced at 1 USD.  Approximately 5k Number of Tokens: 15K GMPD tokens.

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