Why The Inventor Of The IPhone Will Not Be Investing In The Metaverse?


Tony Fadell helped invent the iPhone and said no to the metaverse. Now he is an investment firm backed by over 200 startups.  He claims that things will change over the next 20 years.  The quote is, every product you use now will be changed. The future shape is a private fund with no outside LPs.

The founder of the fund says it can move quickly and focus on the long term.  He has written a new book on making things worth making. The book covers all the fundamentals of product-market fit, making money, and making a business.

It deals with the human side as well as how to overcome startup growth breakpoints and deal with assholes.  Many of the advice he gives is old school. The best way to learn how to run a startup is to start one.

If you do not get involved then it is just a failure.  What excites Fadell as an investor today is how business is becoming democratized. John Thornhill is concerned that the growing metaverse investment will choke up climate tech.

He says that if you invest in the metaverse you are a part of the problem.  Only by moving physical atoms will we resolve the climate crisis, he writes.

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