How Big Global Brands Are Cashing In On The Metaverse?


The virtual beer was brewed with binary-coded hops grown within metaverse.  It was a huge turnoff for a brand that likes natural materials and not computer-generated content.  The metaverse is a playground for global brands.

Virtual Beer NFT Launch

The first virtual beer launched on the digital platform decentral at a product launch was the beer that you can’t taste.  Not all brands are doing the parody thing on metaverse.  The metaverse foundry is the latest initiative by the hearth, the world’s creative content producer.

A virtual restaurant can order food online and in person.  It appears Mcdonald’s has filed multiple trademark applications with our patent and trademark office.

The luxury brand teamed up with gaming platform Roblox in the first half of 2021.  The artwork Gucci garden was conceived as an art installation that would appeal to younger, digital-first consumers.  Visitors could browse, try, and buy digital Gucci products.

The bharat markup language makers’ lab enables anyone to code in their maker lab that blends.  Students can have live and offline sessions in Meta village to learn how to code and computers.  An adventure game called Louis Vuitton celebrates its second centenary.

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