Exclusive Interview with MetaPocket CEO James McKennie


MetaPocket Wallet is a revolutionary GameFi wallet whose goal is to be a one-stop digital wallet.  The company’s CEO says it will change the gamefi industry forever.  He says it’s a great way to earn money, but there are obstacles that prevent it from happening.

MetaPocket Q2 is the equivalent of an all-in-one wallet with transactions that are multicurrency, multiple layers, and cross-currency.  It makes your gameplay experience more streamlined and gives you three major features within the wallet.

You can start exploring the GameFi possibilities and finding your favorite blockchain games. MetaPocket allows users to interact with any decentralized games.  Users can stake any supported GameFi token and get results.

The wallet will work with top blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance, smart chain, and Polka dot. Metapk helps to protect the user and gives it a sense of security.  Game developers will have to pay the Metapk deposit and the listing service fee.

Security is of paramount importance, especially as a wallet. The game-fi industry is just not right.  MetaPocket can hold gamers, developers, and games.  CNN’s John McKenzie is looking forward to some great things with the company.


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