Despite Decreasing Demand, Louis Vuitton Is Doubling Down


Only 50 of 7100 adolescents enjoy the metaverse & NFT according to a Piper Sandler report.  Aaron Carroll: we are always trying to make them like us in the places they love.  Carroll says the most expensive NFT ever sold in march 2021 for $69 million in the NFT marketplace

Louis Vuitton has announced non-fungible syboml honors for its versatile application game, Louis: The players who are certain they receive a number of free NFTs in the game can wager. LV delivered an NFT character for Blanko’s Block Party, an online multiplayer game.

Sharky B, released in august, wore Burberry TB Droming in the style that occupies a central place. Only 50 % of young Americans surveyed like the metaverse, says piper Sandler.  He says the figures do not seem to stop many of these ideas from being worthwhile. 

 Dolce Giffords and Elizabeth Warren are among those who are interested, he adds. millions of downloads have occurred via Louis The Game.  More than seven million users have accessed the Nike Roblox store.  You should also read Best NFT Apps.  Take Over NFTs via Mobile.

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