Get Ready to Unlock The Ecosystem With Genesis Keys

NFT is a community-driven NFT platform for creators and their ecosystem.  It’s a decentralized and autonomous organization for the people.  Creators can use to create their content. 

This platform argues that the nft cultural shift should not be governed by only a few corporations and VCs. is part of immutable holdings, a blockchain holding company. Just 10,000 people will get to mint an nft when it launches next week.  

You need to acquire the genesis key to perform the task.  The keys to unlock the ability to mint two custom NFTs are exclusive. The first 3,000 genesis keys will be sold at a blind auction on April 26th, 7 pm est.  

Only users with a whitelist username may participate in the 48-hour long auction.  All winners will have to pay whatever the 3001st bid is. The rest of the keys will go on sale for a fixed price on May 2nd at 7 pm.  

A web service with profiles, galleries, and analytics is going to be coming in q2 2022.  There is a website dedicated to web3 which promises to be the ultimate NFT hub.

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