The Next War Launches The First Blockchain Based Battle Royale


The next war is the first ‘Gamefi‘ combat zone inspired by ‘Call of duty,’ which is built with the unreal engine and is free to play shoot to earn battle royale.  You will be earning rewards, that can be turned into real-world assets. 

Play to earn is going to revolutionize the gaming industry.  Enjoy the live stream until you become skilled at the next war.  Earn rewards using our watch-to-earn system.  If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll love this one-of-a-kind NFT. 

There are many soldiers and nft Avatars out there.  Each one is different in every way.  Make sure to pick the rarer ones that yield better rewards, with the staking option available to the buyers. 

For every soldier, there are six tiers, the first is the rarest, the sixth the most common.  To maintain a fair game, nft weapons have a limit and a life expectancy.  You can upgrade the weapon and change the skin if you wish, like in real life.  

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