Lock Upp’s Saisha Shinde Says Transwomen Are Stripped Publicly To Prove Their Gender


Saisha revealed a shocking truth about the trans community.  She is the strongest contestant for Ekta Kapoor’s lockup.  A trans woman is stripped in public to prove her gender. Saisha Shinde underwent sex reassignment surgery and became a trans woman.  

He is a popular fashion designer and has been nicknamed Swapnil Shinde. A trans woman has spoken about her struggle to get accepted in society.  She says, “There are so many trans women out there.  

We need to stop this injustice,” she says trans women need to work together to bring this change together. Sasha promised to donate 50 % of her lockup income to a nongovernmental organization. 

 She also promised to give 50 percent of the proceeds to charity.  Ekta Kapoor introduced a show in Mumbai on February 3rd. Lock upp is being billed as the first metaverse-based fantasy game.  

The show features a bold celebrity host, Kangana.  It’s a catchy captive reality show with everything you need to keep you glued to your seat.

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