MTR Creates A Virtual Rail Station On The Metaverse


MTR corporator and animoca brands have teamed up to build it in the metaverse.  Creators can drive the train and operate a station by playing with the railway.  Visit a train museum to see the MTR interaction with hong kong’s culture.

Metaverse is a visual area that brings us to the virtual space for connecting, creating community, and finding things that add to life.  “We try to challenge our status quo, and keep up with all the new technologies that technology has to offer,” says Jacob. 

The MTR Corporation is boarding people to the new metaverse.  The virtual station will be built and owned by the community.  It will be a very creative, social event using vox edit and a game maker. The new land sale allows players to buy spots near the new land of the new partners.  

Hong Kong tycoon Adrian cheng was the leader in alternative investing. HSBC will come to the metaverse, sandbox land, to give gaming fans a real-life connection.  Havas group partners with the sandbox to bring gaming fans closer to the real world.

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