KAINET Growing Ecosystem Changing Gamefi, DeFi and the Metaverse


KAINET is a new, award-winning, and first-of-its-kind RPG game.  It features a diversity of utility tools that are revolutionizing the meta KAINETbest Metaverse Project, Crypto Expo in Dubai.  The game is open world and features three fully-functional utilities that are constantly being updated.  

See an upgraded version of this graphic. Players earn more through gameplay and NFT objects.  There is also an in-game burning mechanism in the Land of Kai.  Players may burn game asset tokens they bought with Kinet NFTs. 

The first application for Kai Wally is available on KAI.  It lets you compare tokens based on volume, time since ATH/ATL, community size, and activity.  The idea would be to create a metaverse and allow users to collect NFTs and land in it. 

The native KAINET token ($KAINET) contains 1,000,000,000 tokens .  7% of each have been allocated for circulation, 20% for staking, 6% locked, and 5Number three for development. The nonanon team went to the Crypto Expo in Dubai 2022.  

They got to share and learn from key personalities within the blockchain industry.  The team plans to attend the crypto expo and all other events, to make it even more exciting.

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