Retail Technology Show Review – Tinie Tempah Talk Up


Samsung’s metaverse will allow users to have both digital and physical versions of the item.  John Sutter: I agree that this is new and that many pieces of the puzzle are still getting put together.  

But he says it’s a new opportunity for retailers and a great opportunity for consumers. The metaverse is here to stay.  The beginning of Facebook is certainly not something you want to ignore.’s john Avalon says it’s not going to go away. Nike recently acquired rtfkt studios a British startup that makes only virtual trainers and wears.  The UK #1 hits are Tempah and pass out written in the stars.

 I’ve never seen a return of that kind, and this is only a disruptive crypto space.  Brands such as boohoo and pretty little things have launched their nft collections in the NFT marketplace

Tempah saw jones pitching on dragons den, and he was one of the first investors in gener8.  In the future, people will all be able to earn money or rewards from brands using their data online.

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